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akForms Bot This component is intended to create any forms of information input and send the data to E-mail.

To use the form on the page you want to use bot_akForms

In version 1.2 adds the following features:
- Copies of forms
- Export and import forms
- Field type - sql. The choice of any table

In version 1.3 adds the following features:
- email field with validation
- a date picker field ( date calendar)
- option to send a copy of the form to the visitor
- possibility to enter a custom email subject to each form
- error notice about wrong and not enterred captcha
- invidiual onsuccess message for each form
- ability to enter a description to each field
- save of data sent to the database
- text for the Submit button
- text for message copy

bot_akforms should be placed after Email Cloaking

In version 1.4 adds the following features:
- For any field you can specify that it should be used as a header in the data table, as well as to indicate that it can filter
- For each field you can specify to keep it in the database or to send or save and send
- Added ability to limit the field in terms of user access
- Support SSL
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