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EI Dynamic Slider News2 Pro

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EI Dynamic Slider News2 Pro

EI Dynamic Slider News2 Pro module, allows you to publish content items / autonomous pages, section/category descriptions with their big images in a fantastic Dynamic Slider. The module is developed in PHP 5 Object Oriented, CSS/XHTML validate, LTR–RTL, Jquery 1.3.2, no conflict with mootols, back-end in Italian / English. With a simply CSS file, you can manage colours, background images, font-text and their size easily and speedy.
In back end you can you can manage the module easily and simply for every situation.

Some features:

  • Three basic layout.
  • Define your custom layout in a simply CSS file
  • Dimensions setting of module, description, image/text content.
  • Thumbs dimension nav bar where they are request,
  • Ttwenty jquery effect with possibility to set the effect and the slider show time.
  • Position of navigation bar and the description box.
  • Manage the contents you want display with many option.
  • Custom folder for the big images.
  • Options to manage automatically the images to show in the slider
  • Some options to trim the description or intro text in short text.
  • PDF guide of seven pages in italian and english with detailed explanation of every single parameter, how to create your custom css and how combine the images with the content you want display.
  • Original PNG with dimension, gradients, transaparence pre-defined. You must customize them only with your colours changing the % trasparence. Fireworks request or similar graphics program can manage PNG files
  • 3 custom layouts as example
  • And much more.

The module is compatible and tested on Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, IE6, IE7, IE8
Version: 1.1 Correct bug on automatic image Commercial license for life (no limit to use, updates free. For this is request registration on elxisitalia.com and number of paypal receipt).

Version: 1.1
License: Commercial
Downloads: 0
Clics: 11431
Size: 0kb
Compatibility: 2008.x, 2009.x
Price: 4.00 EUR
Date added: 19 déc. 2010, 08:10
Dernière mise à jour: 21 févr. 2011, 13:22
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