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Bubbles IOS Bubbles is a multi-purpose Elxis component created by Ioannis Sannos (Is Open Source). You can use Bubbles as a mini forum, as a FAQ tool, to provide support, as a communication gateway between your site members and visitors and for any other purpose you may find it useful. IOS Bubbles requires Elxis CMS 2008.0 or greater and PHP 5. Component IOS Bubbles is a mini forum component but different than the others. Users can create new threads while others post replies. You can attach various types for files to your posts, while if you attach images they are being displayed in an AJAX light box. Bubbles uses a mini BBcode editor to make user posting safe without missing any functionality.

To set up Bubbles based on your needs there are various settings in component configuration. You can set who is allowed to post new threads, who is allowed to post replies, who is allowed to attach files, who is allowed to add remote images to his posts and who is allowed to delete posts. You can also set the component style (3 pre-existent colour variations, one is also RTL compatible), enable or not e-mail notifications on new replies to your posts, set some options related to the attachment, etc.
The component is translated in 2 languages, English and Greek. You can translate it in more languages and send me your language file to add it in the component main release. Send your translations here: datahell-AT-elxis-DOT-org
Version 1.1: Compatibility to PHP 5.3 and translation into Turkish (thanks Kemal).
Version: 1.1
License: Creative Commons 3.0
Downloads: 5499
Clics: 48404
Size: 112kb
Compatibility: Elxis 2008.x, PHP5.x
Price: Free
Date added: 26 sept. 2008, 11:28
Dernière mise à jour: 03 janv. 2010, 19:23
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