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Social Video Support the 7 most important video source: Youtube, Vimeo, Metaface, Veoh, Daily Motion, Mega Video, MySpace Video

And now it is FREE after some users request.

Social Video for Elxis CMS. This first version of this bot has been created earlier the 2004 ! for our customers needs. Now we decide that it is time, and after some Elxis Users (from the forum), because the new version of php, we have to update the bot, and so the 2.0 version of the bot it is ready.
Unfortunately in the 2.0 version we don't have so many hosts, but we have the most important.

Instructions how to use the bot
Is easy to use this bot, you can use it as any Elxis CMS bot. The format is the same as always replace, video for the source and the id for the file like below.

{youtube id:video_id_here}

In addition you can change the width and height adding after the id the width and height like this

{youtube id:video_id_here width:400 height:600}

keep the space between the id and width and height.

For Bugs or problems please report back at: info [at] creativeoptions [dot] eu.

Version: 2.0
License: Creative Commons 3.0 SA
Downloads: 2817
تعداد بازدید ها: 12163
Size: 2kb
Compatibility: Elxis 2006.x - 2009.x
Price: Free
Date added: 31 مه 2010, 22:46
آخرین بروز رسانی: 18 نوامبر 2010, 19:44
ایجاد كننده
Nick Sirigos Nick Sirigos
starstarstarstarstar 3.4
Listings: 12
Corfu, Greece
وب سایت
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starstarstarstarstar 5.0 (14 رأی)
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