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EI Superfish Menu

EI Superfish Menu

EI Superfish Menu for Elxis, first module for elxis with 5 different types of multilevel drop-down menus.

  • Horizontal drop down multilevel menu.
  • Vertical multilevel menu, (to use in the left side of your template),
  • Vertical multilevel right menu (to use in the right side of your template),
  • Vertical slider menu
  • Navbar menu

The menus are developed in pure CSS and based on Superfish menù The module is Object Oriented, LTR and RTL, CSS/XHTML valid, SSL, no conflict with MooTools, fully compatible with IE6 and upper, Firefox, GoogleChrome e other browser of new generation.
In the module you can set parameters as a custom css, delay time, speed time of animation and more.

Before to use it or create your custom css, please read the manual fully detailed about of css file for any single menu, how modify them to have different custom menu and naming your custom css classes. The package install three example of custom menu
Example1: for horizontal menu
Example2: for vertical menu
Example3: for navbar menu

Version 1.1: Jscript patched to solve conflict with elxis extension use Jquery.
Version 1.2: Solved bug open in new window.
Version: 1.2
License: GNU/GPL
Downloads: 4160
تعداد بازدید ها: 15684
Size: 82kb
Compatibility: elxis 2009.0
Price: Free
Date added: 23 نوامبر 2010, 18:22
آخرین بروز رسانی: 13 آوریل 2011, 11:30
ایجاد كننده
Speck Speck
starstarstarstarstar 4.0
Listings: 30
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