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Luxury template for Elxis CMS

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Luxury template for Elxis CMS Luxury template is designed for Hotels and give the most elegant felling for your website in the most easy way. Features: 1-column layout, table-less design, SEO optimized, XHTML and CSS valid, compatible with all modern browsers.
Version: 1.1
License: Commercial
Downloads: 0
تعداد بازدید ها: 11950
Size: 0kb
Compatibility: 2009.x
Price: 38.00 EUR
Date added: 27 ژانویه 2011, 17:35
آخرین بروز رسانی: 28 ژانویه 2011, 09:55
ایجاد كننده
Nick Sirigos Nick Sirigos
starstarstarstarstar 3.4
Listings: 12
Corfu, Greece
وب سایت
Listing rating
starstarstarstarstar 2.6 (28 رأی)
ضعیف عالی
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