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component patch

Patch to update all old marketplace versions to version
Unzip the file where you want and copy the contents in the same directory:

bugs list

greek.php - fixed error

fixed display bug of marketplace top menu.
not display recent5 ads with photos if result is null.

to vers
fixed bug duration ads. (critical).
fixed mysql error insert ads. (critical).

to vers
fixed bug delete photo ads on delete ads. (critical).
fixed bug on automatic unpubblish ads on date expire of ads (critical).

to vers
some little fixes and improvement.
added two module positions (market1 - market2). see demo.
fixed uninstall to be used in elxis 2009.2. important patch to apply if u updated your site to elxis 2009.2 fixed

to vers.
Fix for gif images in front-end
German language correct - Thanks to Martin Beursken (Oldman

Version: to
License: GNU/GPL
Downloads: 3587
تعداد بازدید ها: 12855
Size: 79kb
Compatibility: Marketplace and upper
Price: Free
Date added: 23 دسامبر 2009, 20:48
آخرین بروز رسانی: 25 اكتبر 2010, 21:06
ایجاد كننده
Speck Speck
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Listings: 30
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