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Easy Slider Easy Slider is a jQuery plugin written by Alen Grakalic (http://cssglobe.com/post/5780/easy-slider-17-numeric-navigation-jquery-slider). Here is presented a free module version for Elxis CMS by which you can slide horizontaly or verticaly up to 12 content items which can have title, image, alternate text for the image, main text and an internal or external link of type "Read more...". At the latest version 1.2 have been added new functions which are described below, as well the possibility of display double slider with different parameters each one. Example: One horizontal slider and one vertical. Depended from module position where you will set slider to be displayed, the width of images (if exist and have been set), the text size (in lines) and the sliding orientation (horizontal or vertical), you have to set the proportion width and height of the slider. For setting images you have to create into images folder of Elxis installation, a folder called easyslider, where you have to load all images. At the parameter "container image width" is proposed to set an absolute value increased by 10, in relation with every image width, so to create a distance of 10px between image and main text. If you do not want to display an image into a content item of the slider, select - Do not use an image - and will be displayed only the text, with full slider width. You can also display only image, if you do not insert text at all. If you insert only image and link, then the link is applied on image. If you insert title, image and link, then the link is applied on both of them. If you insert title, image, text and link, then the link is applied on title and on phrase of type "Read more...". In case for link on image, you can display (on mouse over) as alternate text whatever you insert into corresponding field, which if you let empty, then instead of this, will be displayed the phrase "Read more...". All fields (title, image, text, link) of sliding items, are independent as settings and you can display each one autonomicly, without any one to demand existence of the rest. Easy Slider is compatible with Elxis 2008.x and 2009.x as well with PHP 5.x and is displayed the same well to all modern Browsers. It is also compatible with RTL languages, only for vertical sliding. Even Easy Slider uses jQuery, can be used at the same time and at the same page, without to cause javascript conflict, with other applications which also use similar javascript, such as IOS Gallery, IOS Downloads, IOS eshop e.t.c. Easy Slider Control Settings 1. Width - Height 2. Background Color 3. Sliding orientation (horizontal or vertical) 4. Sliding speed in miliseconds 5. Time of sliding pause in miliseconds 6. Automatic sliding 7. Continuous sliding 8. Partial and selective display ammong 12 content items 9. Control display of fields (title, image, alternate text image, text, link) for any sliding item 10. Navigation with arrows or numbers 11. Show or hide navigation
Version: 1.2
License: GNU/GPL
Downloads: 3802
Visitas: 17859
Size: 32kb
Compatibility: Elxis 2008.x - Elxis 2009.x - PHP 5.x
Price: Free
Date added: 30 jun 2010, 17:26
Actualizado: 17 mar 2011, 05:06
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Athens, Greece
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Malo Bueno
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